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There is stuff out there that needs to be done, and then there's the stuff that should be done: creative stuff. The stuff that gathers in the deep recesses of your mind, like wool, pieces of string, stray buttons and those socks that don't match.

This journal is going to be a venue for posting snippets of writing I'm currently working on and thus, meaning I have to work on it or I won't have a snippet to post.

I hope I'm being clever and not ridiculous.

Staring out the classroom window or at nothing in particular used to be called 'daydreaming'. My teachers probably thought I had trouble focusing or didn't care about my studies. Truth is, my mind was usually going a mile a minute - or a kilometre a minute, for those who live in Metric. Too many trains on the track, as I decribe it now. Too much coming and going and demanding my attention.

Hence, the Daydreamer Express. Welcome aboard!

I think I'm more focused than I used to be, though some may gently wish to suggest otherwise. I'm a writer and I have to write. It's necessary, like breathing and moving and feeling - and chocolate.

We'll see if I make any progress here.


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